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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Steady on, progressive friends

That EKOS poll, thrilling as it is, may well turn out to be an anomaly. Sure, the corporate media love the momentary drama, but at the end of the day they'll do their duty and ensure that only the blue and the red –i.e., the two parties owned by Bay Street and/or the oil patch – are seen as "realistic" options. It's how they roll.

If there's truly an NDP surge, it may well turn out to be little more than today's Shiny Object.

Again, our priority has to be denying Harper his majority. That's got to be obvious by now, unless you like living in corporatist theocracies where ignorance, stupidity and belligerence are celebrated as civic virtues.

In that light, it doesn't really matter whether the Liberals or the NDP finish second; the acid test will be whether they can work with the Bloc to ensure that Harper, once held to a minority, does not secure the confidence of the House. Another Harper government is something this country may not survive.

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  1. Angus Reid confirms the Ekos #'s.

  2. You have it just right, I can't disagree in the least.

    If I'm honest, I don't like any of our choices. I've voted Green in the past largely to ensure them some level of funding rather than because I actually liked my local candidate or the party leadership. I've watched both Progressive Conservative (who would have thought I'd miss the PC party?) and Liberal governments with a combination of frustration and dread for my entire life...
    And I still remember Bob Rae and the backlash against the NDP in Ontario.

    But Harper's something very different. He represents a threat to the Canada I believe in and he needs to be ended as a political force in this country.

    So I'll be voting strategically in my riding and I've been doing my best to convince Conservative supporters that I know to open their eyes.

    What bothers me most (though it doesn't surprise me) is watching the Opposition Parties turn on each other. Will they never learn? Break Harper first, THEN you can snipe at each other to your heart's content.