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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When Liberals and New Democrats snipe at each other, who wins?

Gee, I wonder.

How can we make this stop? What can we do to make the opposition parties set their differences aside and focus on the common enemy? What could possibly induce them to stop slagging each other and adopt a more cooperative approach, for the good of the country?

I was stumped for days, and then I realized: the answer lies in classic cinema.

(If anyone's got YouTubeage of Moe banging their heads together, email me.)

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Update: Jymn's on the same page, I think. Haven't blogged over at his place in a while, but at least I can give him a shout-out.


  1. Well according to the latest polls the answer to the question in your headline is the NDP - which by extension means its progressive Canadians who really win by getting a strong presence in parliament of real progressives.

    Harper has been trending for another, probably smaller minority this entire election with all the majority talk revealed as media longing for a horse race that doesn't exist. There's never been a better time for progressive Canadians to vote with their hearts rather than another stale, hold their nose 'strategic' vote. Exciting times.

  2. Only one way: merge.

    Eight years ago the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform Party put aside their differences and formed a single party. They were rewarded in 2006 when they formed the government.

    If the Liberals and NDP can not find the political will to merge then they deserve what they get. The country is not interested in coalitions but in strong parties.

  3. Hahaha hahahaha hee hee hee

    En revanche Lapin, qu'est-ce que vas se passer si les progressistes votent ensemble et uni pour l'equipe orange? ha ha ha ha ha ha