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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eye on the ball, comrades

To quote Fern Hill:  Stop it! All of you!

Do I have to remind you what happens when Liberals, NDPers and other opposition parties slag each other? Do we really want to be tearing each other down when the focus needs to be on getting rid of the foul Harper Regime?

What do you think Spiteful Steve and his minions do when they see their opponents turning on each other like this?

Don't make me come over there.

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  1. lol!! SPLITTER!! thanks, perfect post.

  2. vote liberal where it's the liberal with the best chance. vote ndp where it's the ndp with the best chance.

    that is all i've ever said about voting.

    Ignatieff started the campaign badly while Layton was saying go riding by riding.

    Ignatieff is telling people to rise up and vote Liberal in an NDP-held riding and Layton is attacking Ignatieff more than he is harper.

    It's a bad business.

  3. Of course the NDP attacks the LPC. Where else are they going to siphon votes from?

    People who are now favouring the conservaties aren't likely to suddenly decide that the NDP is the way to go. It's too much of a political leap.

    The idea that parties with somewhat similar policies would support each other is the opposite of the truth. Similar parties are more likely to be at each others throat, for they are in competition for the same voters.