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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wow. Just ... wow.

Too early to say whether the wheels are coming off the bus, but ...

I'll just let this guy speak for himself.

I mean, Jesus.

A sample:

... we must focus on retaining the Liberal Party's spot in this country's political order. If we ever want a shot at government again, its imperative that we do. Otherwise we might as well just pack up the thing right now. And as I said, I will not vote or support the NDP, and I will not support a merged political entity that gives more power to the NDP. I have major doubts I'd support an NDP-led coalition. After all, what the Hell makes people think Jack Layton is better than Harper? Just because he's a social democrat, doesn't mean he'll not wreck this country any less - in fact, I'd put more faith in Jack screwing things up than Harper. This doesn't leave someone like me, and there are many of us out there, with many options, does it? Get behind the Liberals now, or get off the bus. Simply put. Even it means I'm going down with the ship, well, fuck the lot of ya - I'll be glad to. I refuse to let Jack Layton push us into irrelevancy, even if you will.

The jaw drops. The mind boggles. And then, I think pogge and Cliff are right. This HAS to be a satire.

Screenshot here, just in case (click image to view full size).


  1. Yes, I read that and I thought here's one Lib who would welcome with open arms, no questions asked, SHithead Harper as leader to his party.

    For guys like him, winning is ALL.

  2. If he'd grown up in Alberta he'd be a hardcore Reform Alliance supporter. Mississipi, he'd be a Dixicrat style Republican. A Liberal just as right wing and 'anti-collectivist' - check his twitterstream for that gem - as any other Ayn Rand worshipping power lover.

    The Liberals appear to have been his choice because they seemed like the path to power where he lives.

    The path of the mushy middle party itself, that sneers at ideological conviction and principal over politics is rightward always rightward.

    If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

  3. I came across that post earlier today when, in response to a post at Sinister Greg's, I went in search of possible positive Lib reactions to the EKOS poll. I was also taken aback but then noticed that that blogger is 20 years old. At 20, it's all you - flying your colours, defending your team. Give him a few years, OB. They don't all not grow up and become Cons.

  4. Well yes but it shows that at the end of day, Liberals by their own account are not progressive and just fake to left when they really want to boggy on the right.