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Sunday, April 24, 2011

To my dear Liberal and NDP friends ...

I've said it before, but in light of yesterday's developments – new attack ads, revised communication strategy and so forth – it bears repeating.

Can we keep our eyes on the ball, comrades? We must, above all else, deny Harper his majority.

We've seen what he's got under his fingernails. Reproductive freedom, civic decency, basic democratic accountability, the notion of valuing citizenship for its own sake ... all toast. Remember how he boasted that we wouldn't recognize Canada when he got through with it?

This goes beyond one little corner of the blogosphere's determination to remain non-partisan. It goes, for that matter, beyond labels like "progressive." We're talking about a place where people who ask inconvenient questions get shouted down at Nuremberg-like party rallies, and people displaying loyalty to the wrong parties get their tires slashed.

When you snipe at each other, you're helping make that more likely.

H/t @koolie62.

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  1. I think the heart of the problem is that both the Liberals and the NDP are trying to peel votes away from each other rather than constantly attacking Harper in the hope of disillusioning conservative supporters and convincing swing voters.

    The sad truth is that they don't have the same goal in mind. For them it's not about defeating harper, it's about winning. Only one of them gets to win, and everyone else has to lose.

    It really is maddening, isn't it? Because what Canada needs is for all the parties to work together on the issues that unite us rather than constantly harping on the ones that divide us.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    What this federation needs is an anglophone francophone bloc of progressive voters

    It's not the orange and red teamz, it's the light blue team hahaha hahaHAHAHAHA HAHAHA

  3. We'll see who laughs last, asshole.

  4. Oh, I don't know. If progressives and liberals really knew each others' platforms - rather like Green and NDP - they could perhaps see that going down the Corp-o-Rat road with the Lie-berals was literally 'the Road to NoWhere'
    I happen to remember '93 and God Save the Tories very well...when not one solitary Lie-beral electioneering promise was kept as they took the losing agenda that Canadians had overwhelmingly rejected...and ran with it.
    That Red Book in the style of Chairman Mao really was a testimony of treason.

  5. You said "Lieberal"!! That's hilarious. Did you make that up yourself, of did your mommy help you?