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Monday, August 1, 2011

Krugman: The President Surrenders on Debt Ceiling - NYTimes.com

The President Surrenders on Debt Ceiling - NYTimes.com

OK, can we do a couple of things for starters?

1. Lose the illusion that Obama's got any balls, or that he's in any way "progressive," or that there's much substantive institutional and policy difference between Democrats and Republicans. All the drama coming from Washington is just so much kabuki theatre.

Seriously, isn't it time to consider the possibility that the reason he's so quick to "compromise" with the other side, or "capitulate," is because there isn't really any disagreement between the two? Both Democrats and Republicans are parties of the top 1 per cent, with no real interest in advancing or protecting the interests of the rest of the population. The implications for the long-term health of the body politic should be pretty obvious. (h/t JJ)

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  1. Political closure seems to be a widespread afflicting these days. Blair took Labour well to the right. Ignatieff did the same to the Libs, greatly helping Harper in his oft stated goal to shift Canada's political centre well to the right. And not to be left behind, Layton also steered the NDP away from the principled left into what once was the Liberal centre-left and pragmatism, again to Harper's intense delight.

    As for the Americans, Clinton presided over the funeral of the last vestiges of Democratic progressivism. With that safely buried, gone was the last barrier to assimilation. Now it's all centre-right and Tea Party.