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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The malignant influence of the Kochtopus

Via Montreal Simon and Alison at Creekside, this little gem:

Teabaggers, Astroturfers, the Fraser Institute, robocalls directing voters to the wrong places, Harper wanking on about Canada being an "energy superpower" ... all part of the same noxious brew. All tied in with American militarism, a pipeline plugged directly into the tar sands, far-right "think" tanks, pollution of groundwater, corruption of legislative processes ...

The greedy motherfuckers want our oil and our water and as much money and profit as they can get their hands on. And they're perfectly willing to poison us, to buy and subvert our elections, and to pay the security apparatus to club us into submission in the process.

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But forget all that. Let's talk about how the Liberals are going to choose their next mouthpiece.
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Update: Link to Dammit Janet! added, as requested by Lovely Bones in the comments below. Let's just see who's chopped liver now. 


  1. Hey, DAMMIT JANET! linked to Alison at Creekside before Montreal Simon did; as well, we've been calling for an investigation into those robocalls.

    No link for us? Are we chopped liver now?

  2. "No link for you?" What am I, the Link Nazi?

    You don't know from chopped liver. Why is it that whenever I link to anyone, it's never shown on their "Links to this post" thingy? Is it my breath? Was it something I said? Geez louise.

  3. I have looked high and low for the *link to this post* Blogger feature backstage at DAMMIT JANET! and I cannot find the bloody thing, OB.

    If I knew where it's located, I would surely install it. It's very handy; I use it all the time to link to Alison at Creekside's blogposts.