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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why aren't Canadian media types paying more attention to Wisconsin?

What Fern Hill said (why should thwap have all the fun?).

Really can't improve on her description. Wisconsin is the latest battleground in the fight against creeping corporate feudalism. All the initiatives we've seen over the last 30 years – privatization, cutbacks, deregulation, tax cuts, attacks on unions and the working class, capture of legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, growth of the repressive apparatus – are part of the same overall strategy: the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands.

And it's not just about naked greed, defence of privilege, or oligarchs like the Kochs, nor is it about undoing the legacies of Keynesianism or FDR's New Deal. These bastards want to take us all the way back to the days of the Industrial Revolution. Yeah, the whole bit: child labour, workhouses and dark Satanic mills.

Rather important, doncha think? Like, maybe a little more important that the latest recipes, fashion and diet tips, or top 10 signs your boyfriend / girlfriend may be cheating? So, why aren't we hearing, seeing and reading more about this? Could it be that the media lickspittles don't want to offend their corporate paymasters? Could it be part of the reason the mainstream media are becoming more and more irrelevant? Could it be why the major Canadian ISPs want to exercise more and more control over what we look at and how we get it?

Comrade Fyrn's sent a polite note to the CBC about this (that'll larn 'em!). We might want to do the same thing.


  1. "Could it be that the media lickspittles don't want to offend their corporate paymasters?"

    looking that way. Two articles today mentioning Wisconsin - one by Lilley, one by Levant. That about says it.

    900ft j

  2. Don't you get it? The Tea-Party is "respectable" citizen dissent.

    Ill-informed, kooky (so the insiders can laugh at them) but entirely convinced that the policies which benefit the elites should be pursued with more vigour.

    The pro-union, anti-globalization crowd directly threaten elites and that's why they don't make them smile.

    (Well, we don't directly threaten them. All we do is stand around with signs and offer our heads to truncheons and our sinuses to their tear-gas, and our hearts to their tazers. But you get the picture.)