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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About those attacks on Planned Parenthood ...

Yeah, well. The title of this post isn't as Google-friendly as I'd like, but ...

Shamelessly stolen from Sabina Becker. She uses a lot of bad words, but "vagina" isn't one of them, and it shouldn't be considered one. That goes for the delightful deBeauxOs over at Dammit Janet as well.

There are times when it's easy to get discouraged at the sheer volume of stupidity, malice, misogyny, racism, greed, ignorance and general fuckwittery bubbling up from the Sewer of StupidTM currently overflowing to the south. My god, it's 2011 and we're still debating about reproductive freedom? We're still having to treat patriarchal, control-freak, god-bothering dipshits like intelligent life forms worthy of our attention, never mind respect? Do we still have to go through this shit?

And then you run across something like this, and you realize, just because the fight's still going on doesn't mean it's hopeless.

Period. Heh.

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