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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ford's right-wing governance: no vision, no soul, no future

This little corner's taken its whacks at the Ford "vision" before, but the saga of the Fort York bridge just underlines it all over again.

The context for the discussion is ably set up by cityslikr over at AFUITBS and by the comments on this piece by Luca de Franco over at Spacing.

I won't go through all the details again – all the arguments about linking neighbourhoods, planning, infrastructure, traffic flow, community-building and public space have been made already – but nothing illustrates the right-wing approach to governing quite like this.

No commitment to civil society.

No awareness that there's such a thing as community.

No recognition that sometimes you need to spend money in order to realize long-term benefits that can't always be measured on a balance sheet.

Nothing beyond a small-minded, sadly limited fixation on short-term fiscal details and idiotic meaningless campaign slogans and "respect for the taxpayer."

Nothing but a gormless shrug and a determination to sell everything off, because after all, everyone knows the private sector does everything better.

And while we're at it, of course, contracting out garbage collection to the private sector, killing hundreds of well-paid unionized jobs in the process. But hey, it's all about saving money, and respect for the taxpayer, don't you know.

The right-wing vision. At its essence, there's nothing there.

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  1. I guess i'm now right wing, then.

    Just because a left wing city council approved something doesn't make the opposition to it "right wing".

    Why must these two "neighbourhoods" be linked by foot traffic in the first place? If you were to draw up a list of 10 transportation/community priorities in this city of 3 million people, why exactly would this foot bridge be on the list?

    We have a lot of problems to solve in the city and subsidies to downtown condo dwellers shouldn't be one of them. The fact that John Tory *AND* Lincoln Alexander are proponents of the bridge tell you something. Add in Hilary Weston and you have to wonder how come a little old foot bridge has so much high profile support from so many really rich people like Tory and Weston.

    It's just a subsidy no more, no less.

  2. Nothing but vile, festering, stupidity-driven, ignorant hatred.

    (Um, at the core of the right-wing vision i mean. Not your post. Whew!)