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Monday, January 31, 2011

All the wankers taking cellphone pictures of TTC operators ...

... should take a fucking pill.

Honestly, they're like kids with extremely annoying toys.

How many of them are guilty of exactly the same thing? How many of them can honestly say they've never used their cellphones while driving?

But of course, this will play right into the Sun's agenda of torquing the shit out of any story that can be used to make organized labour look bad. Because as we all know, in Rob Ford's Toronto, unions are eeeevul.

Early story in the Star tonight says some of the drivers have been fired, and oh, golly gosh, look at this: one of the dipshits who snapped one of the pictures is apparently "upset." It's not what he wanted at all. And he feels pretty bad now.

Geezus, cue the violins. He feels pretty bad. How awful.

All the sound and fury about a few TTC employees falling asleep or texting behind the wheel, and political outrage, and undercover operations to catch staff malfeasance ... obviously the most pressing and dangerous problem facing Toronto today.

Once again: please, a little context. You're all upset about that, but you don't have a problem with more than a billion of your tax dollars going to pay thousands of cops who can't keep a few dickheads from breaking windows, but have no trouble kicking the shit out of peaceful citizens?

Can you say "your priorities are up your ass?"


  1. I completely agree with you. I can't forget how that other employee was practically driven to his death for the "crime" of nodding off in a ticket booth. Even though he was sick and had an exemplary record. It's nothing more than bullying. Putting up with some of the rude porkers who ride the transit system should be punishment enough...

  2. Wankers indeed!

    The abuse these guys take on daily basis is obscene to say the least. Now they have to put up with their every move being filmed by these idiots,whose sole motivation is their precious fifteen minutes at the expense of some poor working man. I wonder how these wankers would like someone following them around with a camera all day at work or school.

    You couldn't pay me enough to do their job

    OB you're bang on re their priorities they harass and demonize working people like them while at the supporting the ruling elite who are screwing them in every possible way.

    fuckin' wankers indeed!

  3. What's a TTC driver to do? Stop the bus so he can text a return message during one of his non existent piss breaks? I'm sure all hell would break loose at the thought. I'm surprised Mike dipshits who took the photo looked up from his fucking dumbass phone even long enough to notice what anyone else was doing. The driver, now minus a job and the means to support his family should follow Mike Dipshits around with a camera and get him in some compromising position.

  4. Fuck this TTC idiot. I guess you guys haven't noticed, but the TTC has been killing quite a number of people lately. And someone else, who won't text and drive a fucking bus at the same time, will get a job to support his family. It all works out.

    The wide spread use of cameras have been great for accountability, from cops to negligent drivers.