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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moments of optimism on the Queen car

It's quite possible that I'm investing this with more significance than it really merits. What can I say – sometimes my inner drama queen needs to get out.

The context: Thursday evening, Queen car westbound. Deep freeze. Tired commuters. Not the kind of place anyone wants to be.

Around Trinity Bellwoods, something goes wrong with the rear doors. They're closed, but the car still can't move. Driver asks someone to give them a shake. Someone obliges. No go.

Driver comes back to try it herself. Still no go.

Passenger tries again. Couple of other passengers pitch in, trying from the outside.

Co-operation produces happy ending. Community spirit in action.

Why does this matter (to me at least)? Because it's the kind of situation that could just as easily have turned ugly. Tempers can flare, nasty remarks can be made, and things can get worse. Instead, everyone keeps calm, maintains a sense of humour, stays patient, and a couple of good citizens help the driver out.

At a time when very powerful forces are working hard to turn us against each other, and especially against unionized city employees, little things like this are worth celebrating.


  1. Commuters trapped in freezing cold, nobody is shot, nobody goes Donner Party in an attempt to survive,...

  2. I agree OB. Lucky thing some "Anonymous Wanker" didn't pull out a camera phone and record the driver leaving her post.

  3. I've seen these small moments of community so many times. It keeps my hope alive.