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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another morning, another false equivalency from Metro Morning

It's not even over yet, but first thing this morning, Matt Galloway's got the Venomous LoserTM on to talk about the official kickoff of the Rob Ford era.

And who could have predicted: within ten seconds she's demonizing the "left." Big surprise there. The only thing she hasn't done is screech "socialist" – her favourite epithet.

But worse: they bring on Christopher Hume from the Star, presumably in an effort to provide "balance," and what's the first thing he does? Buy into her framing, and echo the line that it's up to city council's "left" to stop petulantly throwing roadblocks in the way of the Ford agenda.

Please ... talk to me some more about the CBC and its left-wing bias.

Does Galloway challenge this? Does Galloway question any of the assumptions?

Does the Pope live in the woods?

Andy Barrie would never have let anyone get away with this kind of shallow bullshit.

Bonus points: while the VL's on about piss-poor customer service and how council's "left-wingers" are the worst about returning phone calls, nobody's challenging that either. Hume politely points out that letting city staff numbers dwindle through layoffs or attrition or whatever isn't going to help improve the way municipal services are delivered, and VL just trots out the same old duckspeak cliché about how city hall has to operate more "efficiently."

Sound bites and simplistic answers that don't require thought or stand up to analysis. I'm surprised she didn't throw in a reference to the "gravy train." Nice work, Matt. You've just contributed to the continuing debasement of civic discourse.


  1. Who's Venomous Loser? - your link doesn't work btw.

  2. D'oh!

    Fixed now. Serves me right for posting before coffee.

  3. When Ford screws everything up, they'll run shrieking from the room so as not to hear us say "We told you so!"

    Then they'll come back when nobody is looking and go back to their clee-shays about "gravy trains" and "waste" and etc.,