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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Find new ways to protect Parliament?" WTF?

I'm sorry, dear Globe editorialists, your lips are moving and there are sounds coming out, but I can't understand what you're saying.

Stephen Harper's government has done more to damage Parliament and hamper its functions than any other government in Canadian history.

Misrepresenting and distorting the simple truth about parliamentary conventions.

Issuing instruction manuals for sabotaging the work of parliamentary committees.

Withholding information from Parliament and spinning the demand for it as partisan gaming.

Proroguing for spurious and contrived reasons.

Time and space simply don't permit me to go into the detail this requires, but with this editorial the Globe has demonstrated where its loyalties truly lie.

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  1. They make it all sound so reasonable sometimes. If the reader is a total ignoramus.

    If they believe what they write, they're nincompoops.

    If they're spinning, then they're scum. You're right, harper's assaults on parliamentary democracy are undeniable and highly dangerous precedents. Anyone who tries to minimize them doesn't really grasp what they're doing.

  2. Come on. Refer to your namesake. "protect parliament" then makes sense.

    Holy crap. I'm still shaking with anger (literally) after reading that piece.

    @thwap - They have to be spinning. Nobody could publish what they have in the past month and write that editorial as an honest person.


  3. The Harper endorsement confirms that we made the correct decision in cancelling our Globe subscription last November. There is no question in my mind that the paper's decline from what it once was has rapidly accelerated under John Stackhouse's 'stewardship'.

  4. Unsigned editorial.
    I know that's always been the way, but has it not also been standard practise for the owner(s) to express their choice through the anonymous Editorial Board? I have no reason to doubt similar proclamations from the NP and its confreres, and of course the Sun chain. Likely with the same blinkered justifications.

    If this isn't the case, then I really wonder if these geniuses at the GM Editorial Board have actually read their own paper over the last 3 years.