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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are stories unflattering to Harper being pulled from corporate-media websites?

The Sixth Estate, Dawg's BlogLorne at PAID and Dammit Janet (twice) have flagged this. If it's true, it just underlines what many of us have been saying about the Harper Regime's aggressively totalitarian character.

Really, doesn't the prospect of large media organizations engaging in self-censorship raise a few red flags? Isn't anyone just a little disturbed at the prospect of instant rewriting of history?

Here's a screen grab of the story Sixth Estate refers to. It's Harper crowing about pork and patronage, just the kind of thing he'd be condemning lustily were the Liberals doing it. Just in case. (Click to view at full size.)

Makes you wonder what's going on behind the scenes, doesn't it? Who's making the phone calls? Who's taking them? What's the payoff, real or intimated? Who's zoomin' who?

(Big h/t to Dr. Dawg for the phrase "white-feather journalism.")


  1. Why is this a question.

    Look what Fife & Duffy did to Dion in the last weekend of the last election.

    Look at the ad revenues that CTV & Global have made from the Harper government. They re-launched the Recovery Action PLan Ads, just before Xmas, even though the programs are ending,

    How many millions was it, More than Proctor & Gamble spends in a year in Canada.

    This wasn't self censorship, it was CRM, customer retention management.

    This contemptuous Harper government has used our tax dollars to bribe & coerce the the corporately owned national media.

    Yes the stories are being pulled.

  2. All the more reason for the opposition to seize this opportunity to chronicle every gaffe, abuse and scandal Harper has heaped on Canadians these past five years.

    What I'm really loving about this election is that it's the first time Harper has failed to get a jump on his opponents and frame the election on terms that leave the opposition on the defensive.

    Lord knows Steve tried. He flogged the coalition conspirators thing to death and all he got for it were accounts of his own adventures in coalition politics to make him look like a complete liar. The the "one on one" fiasco blew up in his face sending bully boy running for the hills.

    This is Ignatieff's chance to surprise us all and show he's not above kicking Harper in the nads. It's Layton's chance, perhaps his last, to show us that he's able to put Canada's welfare ahead of his own personal (and unrealistic) ambitions.