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Sunday, April 17, 2011

F-35s with no engines? Boondoggle!

My god, how I hate that word. It reeks of gut reaction, utter lack of analysis and shallow appeals to emotion. Soundbites rather than reflection. Which is why you see it in Sun Media rags every other day.

Don't like something? Call it a "boondoggle." Slimy-sounding word that serves to create a scandal, even when the evidence, when you bother to consider it, is ambiguous. Easy smear job. The facts don't matter. The sole purpose is to work the knuckle-dragging, drooling base into a frenzy.

But hell, in this case? I'll make an exception.

(h/t pale at Creative Revolution)

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  1. The F-35 purchase is certainly a boondoggle, but I prefer the word "folly".
    Buying from the world's worst war profiteers? Folly.
    Buying an unproven plane that hasn't finished testing yet? Folly.
    Buying from a single vendor without opening the process for competing bids? Folly.

    The entire process seems riddled with unanswered questions and crippling problems. It needs to be subjected to a serious independent review.

  2. Dear uncommoner, why do you hate Canada?
    - signed: Dear Leader

  3. Dear double nickel,
    Because the dream Dear Leader has for Canada is so much less than we can be. It is small and petty and squalid and vicious when it should be great and grand and open and compassionate. We are so much more than Stephen Harper imagines us to be, and we can be so much better than he would make us. That is why I am slowly coming to hate Canada... because far too many people are falling for his game, and looking down instead of up, and turning inwards instead of outwards. We're better than that.

    Or I hope that we are. I guess we'll know in two weeks.

    Yours Truly,