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Monday, March 28, 2011

Updated meme: Harper is a small man

Well, perhaps the Harpobots have turned the page on all that shrill and reckless fearmongering about coalitions, especially given Harper's hypocrisy. No doubt they'll keep the armies of Attack ParrotsTM busy with a daily diet of coalition hysteria, but the ShrillHarper meme is there for that.

Let's update, my progressive friends. Modest suggestion in this regard: the quality of Stephen Harper's character.

Seriously, apart from Conservative Party partisans and paid trolls (oh, and how's that astroturfy, Craigslisty thing workin' out for ya?), is there anything good about it? This is a tiny, nasty, hateful man. For as long as he's been in public life, he's displayed nothing but vindictiveness, disdain for Canada's traditions of community and generosity, and a bitter partisan streak that verges on the pathological. The past few days have provided us with plenty of examples of that – not that we were in danger of running out.

Can anyone imagine this guy reaching out to his opponents? Has he ever acknowledged that people who disagree with him might have a point? Is there anything at the core of this guy's soul other than simple meanness of spirit? Hell, I'll even throw in the Dubya test: could you see yourself sitting down and having a beer with this guy?

All through Conservative campaign strategy (and communication strategy when they're, um, governing), there's a not-so-subtle theme of exclusion and condescension, coupled with painstakingly crafted dog-whistles, all conveying the message: those who don't agree with us aren't Real Canadians. Ask about Afghan detainees and you're smeared for not standing with the troops. (Two words: Pat Stogran.) Question the revision of citizenship guides calculated to send coded messages about demonizing brown people with funny names, and you're suddenly on the side of barbaric honour killings. Speak up in favour of the gun registry or the census and you're an arrogant downtown elitist, out of touch with Real Canadians.

Nothing but wedge issues, distractions, fearmongering and manufactured controversy. Hypocrisy, ethical scandals and contempt. No aspirations beyond being George W. Bush's waterboy. No commitment to overcoming differences. No acknowledgment that government can play a positive role in improving the lives of its citizens. No conception of stewardship. No generosity of spirit.

What a small man. What a sad and limited view of the world. What a pathetic excuse for a leader.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your meme machines.

(Update: h/t Lorne.)


  1. He and those that surround him were all just as sanctimonious, just as bitter, just as arrogant at at ages 18-22 when I was at U of C with them in the 1980s. Pretty sad that 18-22 year olds were that bitter, jaded and curmudgeonly at an age when you OUGHT to be looking forward to the broad horizons of life that lie ahead, to a world of positive possibilities, opportunities and challenges to be overcome and grow as people, real people; a time to develop, learn, grow personally and professionally and contribute to society. But not these guys. Pity. They might have developed even a wee bit of humility. Their self-righteous world view was that whole thing was/is a big game, that they were and are the ONLY ones who should play and their's was and is the ONLY opinion that matters.

    Little men then, Little men now. The dirtiest word in their vocabulary is compromise.

    Most of these HarperCons have never had a job outside of politics yet they depend upon the support of working people that used to despise "professional politicians", well "professional politicians" that aren't called Conservative/Reform/ Alliance. Hypocrisy is at the core of these professional malcontents posing as public service types. NOT.

    Stephen Harper - professional politician and egomaniac
    John Baird - professional politician and loud Harper acolyte (obviously some form of compensation in effect there)
    Peter MacKay - professional politician and classic flip-flopper over signed agreements.
    Stockwell Day - professional politician who still hasn't repaid the $792,064 in taxpayer funds that the Government of Alberta paid to settle a defamation lawsuit brought against him due to his abject inability to comprehend even the basics of our judicial system.
    Jim Flaherty - professional politician - deficit Jim
    Tony Clement - professional politician who seems to think that hordes of experts don't matter but one grumpy Canadian can change government policy if it suits THEIR agenda
    Jason Kenny - professional politician who doesn't know the definition of impartiality in the media (or elsewhere)
    Pierre Poilievre - professional politician and personifies the word SMUG.
    Rob Anders - professional politician and a BIG TIME BIGOT

    NONE of them are "Here for you."

  2. Harper is in Winnipeg tomorrow in a highly stage managed event taking place at a hotel near the airport. It's a private event we were told on the local news.

    And speaking of dog whistles, that family tax benefit is a loud one. It's income splitting to a maximum of $50k for any two parent family with kids 18 years and under. This is a sop to those traditional values families where women are "encouraged" to be stay at home moms. That income splitting will be an especially nice gift for those where the income earner is a highly paid professional.

  3. Besides being small-minded, petty and vindictive, ... harper and his crew of villains are trying to import the political contempt for their own democracy that Repugs like Karl Rove did in the USA. The whole fetid stink of Repugnican doofus politics has been brought to Canada and has infected too many of us.