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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Couple more guys who are a real credit to the badge | @TorontoPolice #G20

Sergeant Michael Ferry and Sergeant Douglas Rose.

Unnecessary and excessive force (in normal everyday language, police brutality) in the arrest of journalist Ryan Mitchell. (Not that it would be any less disgusting if he weren't a journalist, but, well, you know ... Sean Salvati, Adam Nobody, Dorian Barton, John Pruyn, Lacy McAuley, Gabriel Jacobs ... Christ, do I have to do this again?)

No reasonable grounds for arrest.

Homophobic slurs directed at Mitchell's colleague Lisa Walter. Profane, abusive and insulting language. And of course, Rose said he "didn't recall" threatening to shove his baton up Mitchell's ass.

From Lisa Walter's account:

There was a black-clad leg kneeling nearby. The police officer attached to it stood up, spotted my glasses, and moved carefully to squash them under his boot. "My glasses," I stammered. The officer bent down and, grasping my glasses by an arm, pulled them out from beneath his boot without lifting his foot.

Is it just me, or does this sound like just a couple more testosterone monkeys on a power trip (not that there were any of those walking around in uniforms at the G20 or anything) and then running for cover behind the Blue Wall?

Not getting my hopes up too high in the wake of the OIPRD report. Yeah, it's got some juicy findings, and some worthwhile recommendations, but I've seen this movie too many times.

Nope. The only effective response, really, is the power of public scorn. Any time these two show up in public, assuming they have the balls to wear their name tags, they can bask in the warm regard of the citizens they're supposed to serve and protect.

Anything new, @TorontoPolice Tweeter guy? What's the excuse this time? Want to tell us about how there's no such thing as the Blue Wall again? Still want to talk about building relations and earning trust, or are we just going to cut right to the Dogs Licking Their Balls explanation?

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