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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sean Salvati #G20 video: Abu Ghraib comes to Toronto

So apparently it takes three big strong police officers to manhandle one guy. Naked and handcuffed.

Don't know whether this is before or after they beat the shit out of him.

And please, spare us the pathetically transparent bullshit about security. There's absolutely no goddamned reason in the world for him to be stripped naked other than humiliation, psychological torture, debasement and power-tripping. The idea that people capable of treating another human being like this are walking around with guns and the legal right to use deadly force is mind-numbing. This isn't Baghdad, mind.

What's particularly awful about the video is how blasé they all are about it. Like it's normal.

Not one cop in the video seems the least bit troubled by it. I'll bet not one cop on the entire fucking force is even slightly uncomfortable with such a gross and disgusting scene. And these moral dishrags spend every spare moment whining to each other about how misunderstood and underappreciated they are.

The Toronto Police, ladies and gentlemen. Either they're pulling shit like this themselves or they're looking the other way while their buddies do it. It's crystal clear that there's no one with the stones to do anything about it.

Fuck you, officers.

(Update: h/t Lorne at PAID for flagging this.)

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  1. What especially disturbs me is the deep suspicion that these kinds of abuses occur regularly to our so-called 'underclass.' What makes these G20-related reported violations different is that they hit closer to home as the police clearly extended their illegal tactics to the middle class.

    More an more I see that we are living an illusion, and that it is only as a result of the Summit that, like Neo after he swallows the pill in the Matrix, we have begun to apprehend the true nature of reality.

  2. It really is a kind of sexually deviancy don't you think? Why do three aggressive bullies have to parade a naked handcuffed male in front of a female administrative constable? That's what it's all about. Humiliation and degradation through power to enforce will. I'd like five minutes alone with them in a room and a fucking" Louisville".

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  4. where's the first half of the video?