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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Toronto cops think they're the #G20 whipping boys?

From ... guess which piece of birdshit-catcher. The usual "police morale is low" bullshit. A sample:

The situation has worsened with each new allegation of police brutality and little has been done to restore the faith in those sworn to serve and protect Toronto.
“It’s become embarrassing to say you’re a Toronto cop,” said one of several officers who recently spoke to the Toronto Sun on condition of anonymity.
He said it has become a daily concern and many cops are fed up with being “the whipping boys” for decisions they had no hand in making.
“Cops are leaving Toronto in droves,” he said, explaining many have either transferred to other forces, are in the process of doing so, or are getting out of policing.

Well, boo fucking hoo. Poor you, officers. Cry me a fucking river. You should be embarrassed at the way you acted. Leaving Toronto in droves? Really? Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

We should only be so lucky.

Jesus H. Christ, do we have to go through this again? You assholes went wilding on us last summer, remember?

Nobody made you do that.

You went on a rampage – beating the shit out of us, shooting us with rubber bullets, breaking our bones, smashing our glasses, threatening us with gang rape and then covering up for each other when we tried to hold your brutal asses accountable.

Nobody ordered you to do that either.

You're either sadistic, lying cowards or pathetic gormless ineffectual bystanders who didn't see or hear anything while your pals were having their fun. How many of you have stepped forward to out the brutal sadistic scumbags in your midst?


If nothing else, the G20 showed us all how you really feel about us.

And frankly, that's just about the only thing that's even remotely new about any of this, because the rest of the story we know: it's all part of that pathetic little narrative you tell yourselves about how misunderstood and underappreciated you are.

(Not to mention booking your vacation time during the summit and then lining up for major-event duty so you could ding us for double-time. How does that particular narrative go? Oh yeah – unionized thugs milking their culture of entitlement and screwing the poor taxpayers. How about putting a stop to this gravy train, Mayor Stupid?)

But back to the first narrative. You know, the one that's drilled into you from day one at the police academy, about how you're the thin blue line, putting your lives on the line to protect us from the evil hordes, yada yada yada. The one that encourages you to see yourselves as some kind of mystical brotherhood, with your isolating, pseudo-militaristic bonding rituals, and your patriarchal culture, and your swift ostracism of anyone who steps out of line. The sick and dysfunctional culture behind your paranoia, your tribal defensiveness, your instinctive circle-the-wagons reaction anytime someone talks about reform, and your willingness to smear and lash out at anyone who doesn't kiss your asses eagerly enough.

I have no doubt that there may be a yawning cultural gap between police management and the rank and file, but you know what? I really don't give a fuck. When I'm being tasered, tear-gassed and trampled, I don't pause to count how many stripes the pig doing it has on his or her sleeve.

But since the mythic narrative is so powerful and so impervious to facts – reinforced as it is by the shithead tabloid press which just happens to be advancing the interests of the managerial / ownership class while posturing as the voice of the little guy – here's another narrative for you, officers.

You're bullies, cowards, pigs and / or look-the-other-way enablers, and you've abused and destroyed whatever trust might once have existed between yourselves and the people you're supposed to serve and protect. Take your whiny, self-pitying thin-blue-line narrative and find somewhere warm and dark to put it. You've earned every bit of scorn and contempt you're feeling right now.

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  1. People become cops for all the wrong reasons. Who in their right minds would take a job where they will have no friends and get no respect. It's all about money, early retirement and the ability to be right and abusive all the time. A bunch of megalomaniacs really. Permitted thuggery. A tribe of bullying crybabies lumbering up to the trough. Does anyone smell bacon cooking?

  2. cops and the criminals aint no different - Jane's Addiction.
    However, whoever was giving the orders at the G20, strange they can not be identified is responsible for the mayhem that ensued. You dont retreat one day wait for the inevitable and then attack everything in site the next day by accident.

  3. I think some people choose to be cops for not bad reasons, but unless and until some Toronto cops speak up, and start criticizing and naming names, your blistering post applies to all of them.