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Friday, September 10, 2010

G20 asshole cops = schoolyard bullies

From this week's Now magazine:

Don't know if the URL will stay linked to Lacy's letter, so I'm including a screen cap.

Once again, asshole cops pushing people around, brutally abusing them and stealing their personal property, and not even a hint of accountability. When normal people do this, it's called assault, robbery or stealing. When cops do it, well, the rules are different. Anyone still hoping for a meaningful institutional response?

Can someone please explain the difference between these sadistic pigs and the average gang of schoolyard bullies shaking down smaller kids for their lunch money or valuables?  Because I really want to know.

Not much point in looking for anything from any particular level of government, but there is video of Lacy's arrest, and it should be possible to identify the lying, sadistic scumbags who grabbed her. Either way, how about a lawsuit in small claims court, identifying the police services board, the Toronto police, and perhaps the Integrated Security Unit, just for laughs?

Update: a video from Lacy identifying the cowardly, sadistic, tiny-dick piece of shit* hiding behind a badge. You have to love these guys. Can't keep a few dickheads from breaking windows, but they're pretty good at beating the shit out of slightly built women.

Update 2: When the facts come out, *this label's gonna stick. (H/t pogge.)


  1. what i find interesting is that no one is discussing the "most wanted" who were the first to be targeted and charged after the mass arrests. they seem to mostly be caught between a(n outraged pacifist) rock in denial and a (radical anarchist organizer) hard place. also, i'm noticing that no one is talking about visits from the bail compliance unit. i keep looking to see both these issues discussed/blogged about. nothing. you're right, though - they are fucking crazy ass nasty bullies.

  2. Taken 'em to the f**king cleaners, Lacey!