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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why do I do this to myself?

Just Couldn't Leave It Alone, could you.

So I followed JJ's link to the homophobic fruit bat and found:

I find myself unable to even leave the house anymore without worrying about what in tarnation we are going to encounter.


Someone actually talks that way.

Just for the sake of context:

Bart: [incredulous] Barbershop? That ain't been popular since aught six, dagnab it.
Homer: [reproachfully] Bart, what did I tell you?
Bart: [abashed] No talking like a grizzled 1890s prospector...consarn it.

(Anyone finds this on YouTube, email me.)

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  1. When their privilege (to be bigoted) is challenged watch out there is hell to pay.

    That site needs a good fisking.

  2. YouTube won't have it because of takedown notices. Should be Simpsons Season 21 Episode 9 - Thursdays with Abie. Maybe ask the torrent fairy to let you have a copy?