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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We ain't gonna have no stinkin' inquiry

I know, I know. The Star's calling for one. The Putz is calling for one. Even a Stun writer is calling for one.

But Harpoon and McGoofy aren't gonna call one, and there's nothing we can do about it. At least the whole sorry episode reinforces a couple of valuable lessons, though. One, that there's no substantive policy difference between Liberals and Conservatives when it comes to things that matter, and two, we can see, once again, the futility of waiting for meaningful institutional response.

I'll say it again: the only way we're going to hold the assholes who turned the G20 into a massive clusterfuck of police brutality, abuse and human-rights violations accountable is to seize control of the narrative.

Listen, I'd love to be wrong about this, and if I am, I'll even help BCL chow down on his chapeau.

(H/t Accidental Deliberations)

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  1. For openers, provincial parties basically have no links to their federal counterparts.

    In the second place, I put the blame squarely on the people themselves. People have gotten more and more hardened. They'd shoot themselves in the foot just to make sure their neighbours go without the basic necessities of life or vengence is carried out on someone.

    When I visited my family last summer in TO, I heard the talk (not from my family members, mind you), but from others that many were disappointed that the cops didn't kick any heads hard enough. Still many who called the protesters ingrates because they don't realize how lucky they are to be living in Canada and to have such a great leader to have pulled us through the economy, even though we weathered that mainly because of safeguards and regulations Paul Martin had put into place, a fact that is overlooked by these shrieking monkeys.

    These are the same people who think it's great to spend our tax dollars on more bigger prisons because they think killers will roam the streets free otherwise, or marijuana will be passed around elementary schoolyards.

    People's priorities these days are seriously twisted.

    Everything the babyboomers fought for decades ago are now doing everything to begrudge subsequent generations of those very things.

    Now, both Harper and McGuinty face elections soon...only the older folks go to the polls for the most part (I know, I worked at polling stations for feds and provincials when unemployed in 2008). These very folks who protested against police states are now the ones begging for them.