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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Sunday Survey of Stupid

So much to choose from, and that's without any reference to the stream of stupid coming from Michele Bachman's piehole.

We'll start with another brief edition of What Pogge Said.

From the beginning these negotiations have been kept secret. Nothing was admitted publicly until they were well along in the process and had "supportive stakeholders" lined up to go to bat for them in the media.

I mean, given the Harpokons' record of openness and transparency, I just have such a warm squishy feeling knowing I can trust them on the deep integration file. Right?

Then there's this lovely little nugget from JJ about homophobia and ignorance:

Afraid to leave the house because of Teh Ghey.
I’m speechless.

And for just for a little amuse-bouche, this little book review from The General (h/t JJ for the link):

Unfortunately, I can't give Lord Cheney's book a full 5 stars. He fails to adequately provide the reader with the sense of joy He obviously derives from pain, turmoil, and murder. There are no tales of bathing in his enemies' blood or feasting on their hearts or livers.

(It doesn't matter what the context was! He still said it! I don't even think he's really Jewish!)

Carry on.

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