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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, look: everything Team Ford touches turns to crap. Don't look so surprised

I'm all for respectful dialogue and agreeing to disagree, but there's a point at which you just have to admit it: we are right and they are wrong and clinging to their illusions just makes them look even dumber.

For Christ's sakes. All those disgruntled Ford voters out there who are suddenly discovering that Mayor Stupid has no commitment to transparency and just loves him some tacky backroom waterfront deals with big developers – what the hell did you expect?

Where have you been? Have you not been paying any attention to this clown and his brother?

Were you so wrapped up in the anti-Miller, city-falling-apart, gravy-train bullshit that you couldn't be bothered to give things even five minutes of critical thought? Was it that much easier to blow off thinking things through and buy into the lazy, thoughtless let's-kick-some-ass-at-City-Hall gut-level resentment? Was it that difficult to see that whatever regular-guy cred these dickheads might once have had was a con job?

[Pssst ... those were rhetorical questions.]

Well, guess what, suckers? This is what happens when you vote for morons. You look like even bigger ones. And sadly, we're all stuck with the results of your stupidity. God knows how much damage we'll have to undo now. Nice work.

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  1. Have we stopped asking those questions of the entire nation? We are surrounded by buffoons and bindlestiffs.

  2. I would like to think that Ford is the nadir. But then there's harper.

    Too many fucking shit-heads though.

    Too many fucking shit-heads.

    But I'm not going to indulge their pwecious feewings.