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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Suzanne Trepanier on what Harper's boys did to Remy Beauregard


Via Jymn and Dr. Dawg.

I haven't given this story as much attention as I should, but Jymn and the Dawgmeister have. As has Paul Wells at Maclean's.

In the Star, Remy Beauregard's widow sets it out in as much sordid detail as you need. Get your barf bags. A sample:

Rémy Beauregard believed that human beings matter, that justice was more important than political expedience. In treating his memory with such contempt, the Harper government and the Rights & Democracy board of directors have made my late husband an inconsequential and incidental casualty of political games.

And then ask yourselves what it says about us that we continue to allow these reptiles near the levers of power, never mind walk the streets unsupervised.

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  1. I've been following Wells on this for some time. What the Harpercons did to this man is fucking criminal. What they've done since his death is unforgivable.