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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A question for @davidakin

Word is, you're supposed to be a respected journalist.

OK then. Hypothetical question for you.

If you encountered an anonymous former sex-trade worker who told you that 20 years ago, @brianlilley and Sam Pazzano set her up for a couple of quick oral-sex hits and then refused to pay, would you file a story about it? Do you think Sun Media would run it?

Do you think the objective of such a story would be to get people talking about Brian Lilley, Sam Pazzano, prostitutes and blow jobs? And that the more that that sordid gossip was recycled, the more of a distraction it would be, and the less people would focus on anything else?

Just curious.

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  1. or if several anonymous sources told him that steve harper borrows laureen for fake happy marriage photos to promote himself as a family values guy, would he expose the sham marriage and say that such photos are dishonest when used to sway public opinion?

  2. highly respectified jernalist dave will be with you as soon as he is done suck-washing harper's shorts...