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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little rhetorical aikido for the slimebags at Sun Media

At least I think that's the appropriate analogy. As I understand it, it's one of the gentler martial arts, based on redirecting your opponent's attack and turning the energy back upon him, rather than meeting it head-on.

They're counting on a couple of things: firstly that this load of crap will have legs, and secondly, to the extent that it does, that our reaction is going to be indignant, puffed-up outrage so they and their fanboys can mock us for our sanctimoniousness and snicker at themselves like 12-year-old boys.

Let's not give them that. They want the conversation to be all about the sleazy innuendo. They want people to be asking each other whether it happened and whether there was a cover-up and whether there's anything more to it.

Fuck that. Here's a better question, and a better topic for conversation between now and the time the polls open on Monday:

Has Sun Media apologized for the steaming mess it's left on the national sidewalk? Any time anyone runs into Sam Pazzano, Brian Lilley and / or David Akin, the only thing to ask is: Have you apologized yet?

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  1. Nicely said. One of my first thoughts on this was that the twitter-ing of this story probably gave it an audience at least a order of magnitude larger audience than it would have otherwise got.

    Also, you got the Aikido thing right. O-sensei would approve, I think. Though personally, I think progessives need to break out the atemi-waza in response to this crap.

  2. This must be STRAIGHT FROM THE TORY PLAYBOOK because I saw it used during the mayoral election in my hometown of Sudbury.

    On the FRIDAY BEFORE THE ELECTION, the Conservatives used an ‘ANONYMOUS source’ to release some vague & ancient piece of information about their labour opponent through the Conservative-run SUN MEDIA outlet. Then the OPP racket squad was called in to investigate the leak/make it disappear.

    This LEAVES NO TIME to actually investigate the SMEAR. It should be illegal. Why does the media enable this?