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Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's hear from a couple of Sun News Network fans

Because really, it's not fair of me to single out Sun readers.

Especially now that there's a TV network for them.

I confess, I'm not an expert in physics. How does a person's brain hold this much resentment, rancour and paranoia without melting?

Once again: cultivated stupidity is not a civic virtue. And an aside to my dear Liberal and NDP friends: if you don't set aside your differences, these are the kinds of people who will be in charge.

ETA: The inimitable @MisterJohnDoyle weighs in.

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  1. Wilson's brain melted down years ago.

  2. I guess it helps if you chill the heart and shut down the thinking functions. But still, that much anger and resentment can't be good for the cerebrovascular system in the long run.