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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Haircuts for Harper at almost $2K a pop?

What is it John Doyle calls him? "Hair in the fridge?" That must have really stung.

From yesterday's revelations about the Auditor-General's report and the tomfuckery surrounding it, this little detail:

According to Fraser, the Harper government expensed $9,460 for five "upscale haircuts" for the Prime Minister leading up to the Summit to ensure he "looked his best." 

As you were, Nick.

Update: as I suspected. BigCityLib says it's a satire. Given the way this bunch plays with the truth, no surprise that it's grown legs ...


  1. It's a little unclear, initially, that this is a spoof. Which Oi suppose says something terrible about Harper. But I'd be interested in knowing the actual highlights of the report.

  2. For 10K I hope he got his back waxed too.

  3. OMG - now there's good conservative money management - lol - only alternative is the NDP - they couldn't do worse than Harper Cons or the Lib Adscam folk!

  4. Satire or not, have you seen his hair? Even a $2,000 "upscale haircut" wouldn't help.

    Baron, good one on the waxing. ;-)

  5. I'm surprised Fox News i mean CBC did not pay for part or the expenses