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Sunday, April 17, 2011

An election message from conssayyes and #Harperslegacyofshame

Well. The Dammit Janet folks are on a roll today.

Via the Tweeter, a must-see video from conssayyes. If you're indifferent about this election, if you're not sure how to vote, or if you're not even that motivated to vote at all, watch this.

Scandal, abuse, contempt, lies, nastiness, authoritarianism, corruption, militarism, incompetence, secrecy, paranoia, control freakery, vindictiveness, sexism, callousness, and hypocrisy, all piled up one on top of another in one heaping, stinking pile. That's #Harperslegacyofshame in one sentence, or in a four-minute video if you prefer visuals.

(h/t Fern Hill and DeBeauxOs)

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