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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another election meme: #progressivemajority

Worthwhile suggestion on the Tweeter from @Falsum.

Really, isn't everyone thoroughly sick by now of the Harpobots' coalition fearmongering? It's time to kneecap this cynical strategy of falsehood, distortion and misdirection once and for all.

So, a few observations, boiled down to brief, easily digested sound bites.

The mandate to govern comes from Parliament. If you can command the confidence of Parliament, there's your mandate. Full stop. Nothing to do with party affiliations or labels.

And if these dingbats start up with their fuckwittery, we can just point out that the Evul Coalition actually represents a larger proportion of the voting population than the Dear Leader's minority. So let's just encourage Iggy and Jack whenever they talk about it. The more positive spin the idea gets, the less effective the Harpobots' shrill and desperate attempts to turn it into an epithet.

@Falsum seems to be suggesting that over at his place. In that regard, a tale of three tweets ...

Young fella's suggesting a #progressivemajority hashtag, too. Kids these days.

But the short discussion can and should, I'd submit, trigger a larger and farther-reaching conversation about electoral reform. Anyone who's tired of the dysfunctions of this putrescent first-past-the-post (FPTP) system should be eager to join in. Hard to argue against a distribution of parliamentary seats that more accurately reflects the wishes of the voters.

Even better, though, a parliament where no party can command a majority means more coalition-building. It means more cooperation, more tradeoffs, more negotiation, and more compromise. In other words, it's a situation that rewards those who can work and play well with others, and it also means that legislation is less likely to be enacted without genuine majority support. What's not to like?

To the Simpsonmobile!

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