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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Re Stacy Bonds: And another thing

As Alison points out over at Creekside, the record doesn't exactly inspire confidence when it comes to internal probes or police investigating themselves. One of the comments recalls:

Out of 3,400 investigations of police misconduct in Ontario, only 95 resulted in criminal charges, only 16 officers were convicted, and only 3 actually spent any time in jail.
As with Robert Dziekanski, the officers lied even though they knew there was video evidence.

Here's an "internal probe" for you, Officer ...

So, to sum up: lying asshole cops smirk their way out of the hearing, knowing the worst thing they'll face is a temporary loss of pay. No internal investigation or disciplinary procedure is going to hold them accountable for shit like this. And that's assuming that any internal investigation even finds anyone in the first place.

And that's with video evidence! What happens when there's no video, nothing but rumours, whispers and an incomplete paper trail? 

Remember Alan Heisey? Not a marginalized citizen, but a Bay Street lawyer, QC, and former chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board. Talks about reforming the police complaints procedure and the next thing you know he's smeared by a leaked memo implying that he sympathizes with kiddie porn and child molesters. Julian Fantino promised an internal investigation that time too. Anyone remember the results of that investigation?

The only way to call these SOBs to account is to sue the bastards. No financial, institutional or cultural barriers there.

Dr. Dawg's leading an effort to help Stacy Bonds with her lawsuit. Please give generously.

Update: the Dawgmeister on Ottawa Police Chief Vern White's limp response. Maybe the asshole cops in question will be sent to bed without supper or something.

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  1. Many thanks for the shout-out. I have not yet been contacted by Stacy Bonds, but I'm keeping up my attempts.