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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maddow, Maher and the trap of false equivalence

Crazy weekend, but Maher's got it bang on. It's long past time to stop pretending that the left and the right, at least in the context of modern American political discourse, are mirror images of one another. If we buy into that, we're fighting on the Evil Ones' turf by letting them frame the debate – and once we let them do it, the fight's over before it's even begun.

Rachel Maddow also did some of God's work in that regard, giving a name to the larger truth that's getting lost in the folderol about Keith Olbermann's suspension:

At long last, can we stop pretending that Fox Noise and the so-called "liberal" media outlets just counterbalance each other? Olbermann was suspended because he supposedly violated the rules of a news operation, however imperfect that might be. Fox, by contrast, functions as the broadcast arm of the teabagger / Republican party. It's not a news operation. It never was.

Let's keep that in mind whenever someone tries to set up a similar operation up here.

(h/t DownWtihTyranny for the image)

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  1. This is an old ploy used by people who are so-called pro-life against people who are pro-choice. Pro-choicers are portrayed as polar opposites to pro-lifers, when in reality they are neutral, supporting reproductive choice for women, whatever that choice may be. The pro-life position of enforcing all pregnancies to term all the time, does not have an opposing lobby of forcing all women to have abortions no matter what. Yet this is how they and much of the media portray the pro-choice position.