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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Care for a chaw, S-Supt. McGuire?

This weekend's Globe chronicles the story of four people caught in the infamous police "kettle" that became one of the central themes emerging from Toronto's G20 clusterfuck.

We all know the story, of course: hundreds of innocent people penned in like veal calves, in the rain, denied the use of bathrooms, randomly snatched out of the crowd by armored thugs for arrest and beating, herded into trucks for transport to the gulags at Keele and Finch or Eastern Avenue ...

And the money quote from Staff Superintendent Jeff McGuire of the Toronto Police:

Asked about innocent bystanders, Staff Supt. McGuire said: “I cannot apologize to them, and I won't.”

Uh, Jeff? Care for a chaw?

Update: Over at Let Freedom Rain, Jymn's on about the same thing.

Upperdate: Crossposted over there. I'm getting a frisson from all this synergy!

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