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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another #AssholeCop protected by the #BlueWall | #TOpoli @TorontoPolice @TPSDetBangild @DeputySloly

But hey, I could be wrong. Whaddaya say, @TorontoPolice Tweeter dudes? Yeah, Jeff Bangild and Tim Burrows and Tony Vella and Peter Sloly, I'm looking at you. Should be pretty easy to out this worthless piece of shit, no?

I mean, you don't want the whole force to be condemned over the actions of a few bad apples, do you?

After all, don't cops make a big deal of it when witnesses don't come forward?

And it's not as if this asshole's buddies would suddenly go deaf, dumb and blind or anything, is it?

Because God knows, if the rest of you just look the other way when scumbags like this do their thing, then how are you any better than they are? And you wouldn't want people getting the idea you just cover for the bullying pigs in your midst, or that your dysfunctional organizational culture enables this kind of crap or anything, would you?

Well, you do like to go on about how important it is for you to rebuild your relationship with the community and earn our trust. I'm sure you'll do the right thing. And monkeys will fly out of my ass.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mayor Stupid on transit: Clueless doesn't begin to describe it | #TOpoli @JoshMatlow

Just in case there was any doubt left, this makes it obvious: he doesn't have a fucking clue what he's talking about.

This is your boy, Ford Asspimple. Even with help from Nunziata and Berardinetti, he still can't get his facts straight or stay on message. That council is actually debating this again is enough to make me wanna barf.

Sure, let's tear up the Master Agreement and bet a billion dollars on this guy. Great idea.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just how fucking stupid are Ford supporters, anyway? | #TOpoli

Dipshit's latest performance in the wake of Monday night's rainstorm shouldn't be any surprise. Yeah, we know – the mayor's office is currently occupied by a petulant, incompetent, man-child with no abstract thinking skills, no grasp of the difference between true and false, and a sense of entitlement the size of a Cadillac Escalade. Tell me something I don't know.

Seriously, though – Nenshi comparisons aside, the guy's idea of leadership is to sit in his fucking SUV with the engine running and the A/C cranked while the city staffers he spends his days pissing on actually work to fix things? And then tell everyone else to reduce their power consumption? How can anyone still take this fuckwit seriously, let alone support him?

Nothing new here either, except maybe confirmation that reading the Sun or listening to Jerry Agar makes stupid people even stupider. [*cough* NunziataMinnan-WongDiGiorgioKellyPalacioCrisantiMammo *cough*] This is how what's left of Ford Asspimple thinks:

They don't want to pay taxes to fund the maintenance of public infrastructure, but when it rains and the sewer system overflows, they'll complain about having to waddle through puddles of their own shit.

They don't want to pay taxes to support programs that keep at-risk youth out of trouble, and then they sit and bitch about crime.

They don't want to pay taxes for realistic and affordable public transit, but they'll whine about gridlock and blame it on bike lanes and streetcars.

At this point, anyone who can still support Rob Ford is just as much of a moron as he is, and even if there once was a reason to pretend otherwise, that reason's toast by now. These people are so stupid, shallow, resentful and easily manipulated that they'll swim in their own shit just to spite everyone else. I wouldn't give a fuck, except that they're getting it all over everything, and high-fiving each other at what's probably the greatest accomplishment of what passes for their lives.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Via @cityslikr: #Fordfest, integrity, and the slow but steady fouling of the public sphere | #TOpoli

Another week, another stinking turd left floating in the pool of public conversation by Team Ford.

This time, it's the gathering of slack-jawed rubes best referred to as Ford Asspimple and the cynical hustlers lining up to herd them at Mayor Stupid and Brother Dumbfuck's annual fuck-the-rules shindig. Only difference this time is that it was in Scarborough.

I doubt anyone has the patience to go through the details, yet again, about it being an illegitimate early campaign event or a misuse of public resources. The Twin Morons obviously don't give a shit, and they've gotten away with everything so far, so why wouldn't they continue? Any attempt to hold them to the same standards as everyone else just plays into their victim narrative and fires up their base, so why bother?

Well, there's a very good reason to bother. Our friend @cityslikr makes a compelling argument over at his place today:

It enables flagrant disregard of any attempt to keep a level playing field for all members of the council and to reduce the influence on city business by unelected outside entities. Allowing the administration to continue conducting its dubious practices in order to not enflame the mayor’s base is as big an affront to democratic oversight as assuming the rules don’t apply to you is.

While I can't argue with him on that, we have to acknowledge that it's not without its complications. Yes, opening up the can of worms will consume energy, attention and oxygen, but really, does that make it OK to just shrug it off? As @cityslikr argues,

it’s inexcusable for the rest of us to shrug it off as part of the game. 

And that's the worst insult: after three years of this shit, we're left with scandal fatigue, cynicism and the temptation to just throw up our hands and ask rhetorically, in the best Tony Soprano fashion, "whaddayagonnado."

There's a larger and more worrisome issue here. It's not just about Team Ford's obvious appeals to stupidity and resentment, divisive agenda, or continual disregard for the rules. Fundamentally, Team Ford's worst crime is in the effect it's had on public conversation itself.

For the last three years, Team Ford's been cultivating a sour and enervating cynicism about politics, about citizenship, and about the efficacy of government itself. Amplified by the brayers of the tabloid press and the yellers of talk radio, the current administration has exploited resentments, played up divisions, pissed on the whole notion of being truthful, trumpeted its petulance and inability to build bridges, and turned ignorance, name-calling and stupidity into its standard operating procedure. It's taken a giant crap on the very notion of public life and public service, and in so doing, diminished our own expectations of our government and ourselves as citizens.

I've written before about the toxic effect this bunch has had on public life. Here it is again, in stinking Smell-O-Vision.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mayor Stupid, the Star, and another question | #TOpoli

Mr. Ford, your accusation of a vendetta is, to use your word, ridiculous. Toronto is entitled to straight answers to straight questions, and here are a few being asked in your city right now over this holiday weekend:

  • Do you understand why this damning videotape requires a proper and thoughtful explanation?
  • Have you ever smoked crack cocaine?
  • How well do you know the men in the photograph that appeared on Friday’s front page? Did you know the man who was subsequently shot dead?
  • Did you refer to Justin Trudeau by a homosexual slur?
  • Did you refer to your football team as f------ minorities?
  • Will you call for a police investigation into these latest allegations?

So many questions. No real answers.

In what has become a long list of questionable incidents involving your behaviour, does it ever occur to you that you have a problem and it isn’t the Toronto Star?
Source here.

So to sum up: A decades-long record of fuckups, vulgarity, buffoonery, drunkenness, ignorance, racism, homophobia, entitlement, laziness, lawlessness, denials, lies, avoidance, playing the victim, blaming other people, paranoia, and above all, Zero Effort to Take Responsibility For His Own Behaviour. And then we have a substantial proportion of the electorate who excuse, identify with, and enable this, and even see it as evidence of leadership ability.

To paraphrase Michael Cooke: Does it ever occur to you, Toronto, that you have a bigger problem, and it isn't Mayor Crackhead?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Media culpa: Margaret Wente and quotes: Who said that?

Media culpa: Margaret Wente and quotes: Who said that?:

'via Blog this'

Carol Wainio providing more quality control for the Globe. And God love her, because the brain trust on Front Street obviously won't do it.

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Anonymous hands @cselley his ass | #Rehtaeh #RapeCulture

"How would you respond to columns like Chris Selley’s in the National Post that say your efforts are not needed?

Wow, you picked a real winner there. Well, no offense to Chris Selley or the National Post, but he seems to insinuate that if the police screw up and a few rapists get off the proper response is “tough shit,” move on to the next case. For that, I think he's a moron. Let's slow down for one second and assume that I did release the names of those rapists... what law am I breaking? I suppose they could sue me for slandering them. Of course, to do that they'd have to prove I was lying.This gets worse: he says we should ignore the photo being spread around the school because it probably happens all time. We can't expect the legal system to punish everyone that's passing around photos of women being raped, now can we? It's “fairly routine adolescent behaviour.” Chris Selley article epitomizes the rape culture. "

'via Blog this'

If there's a better rejoinder to all the handwringers and mansplainers and apologists who caution us against going vigilante and say we should just let the legal process and the justice system do their jobs, I haven't found it yet.

News flash, fuckheads: the justice system screwed the pooch on this. The legal process, the school system, and the police -- all the institutions we charge with keeping young women like Rehtaeh safe -- did sweet fuck-all to protect her.

And the fucking RCMP? Well, they're pretty good at tasering immigrants to death and then lying about it, sitting there with their thumbs up their asses while serial killers prey on women, and/or sexually assaulting their female colleagues and aboriginal prisoners. Serving and protecting young women? Not so shit-hot.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

@ThomsonTO fires back at @TOMayorFord. Cue flying-monkey / Sun "reader" attack | #TOpoli

As my good friend @Cityslikr pointed out earlier today, there's no contortion too painful, no logical leap too implausible, for the boil on Toronto's ass formerly known as Ford Nation. Our guy under attack? Never mind the lies, never mind the ignorance, never mind the sexism, never mind the racism, never mind the homophobia -- just another leftist conspiracy by a bunch of sore-loser special-interest teat-suckers.

So it seems Mayor Stupid suggested on his radio show today that Sarah Thomson might not be playing with a full deck. Well, wasn't that an invitation for a good old-fashioned mud fight, because Sarah's fired back on Facebook. The money quote:

Unlike the Mayor, I do not have a history of lying about my behaviour. Mayor Ford has lied publicly numerous times. He denied the drunken incident where he verbally assaulted a Durham couple during a hockey game but later admitted to it. And During 2010 civic election campaign he denied being arrested for pot possession in Florida and then admitted it and another DUI charge. The Mayor has a history of denial but usually owns up to his mistakes once the facts become overwhelming and I expect that he will eventually own up to this one.

Sigh. This little corner isn't going to come right out and say it, but then really, who needs to? But goddamn if the comments on Sarah's FB note didn't take a wrong-way turn down the road to Sun Commentville. Check these out:

Hoo boy. All the trademarks -- the bad spelling, the non-existent grammar, the spittle-flecked hatred, the stolid, wooden-headed, belligerent ignorance, and the determination to overlook patterns, discount evidence, reject analogies and excuse misbehaviour in their boy while simultaneously rushing to undermine, question and practically lynch anyone who questions him.

As I pointed out to @cityslikr, there's no engaging with these people. They're so wrapped up in their identification with Mayor Stupid that an accusation aimed at him is a personal attack on them. And perhaps they're getting some vicarious kicks out of him getting all fucked up and then pawing at women in public. Maybe they can't get away with it, but it does their hearts good to see Robbie getting away with it ... and with way more.

Well, that's Ford Asspimple for you. Maybe they don't care that the rules don't apply to Mayor Stupid. Maybe they don't care that unlike everyone else, he doesn't have to face any consequences when he breaks them. But come 2014, how well will that play with the adults?

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Mayor Stupid plays grabass with @ThomsonTO. Fuckwits rush to excuse it

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mayor Stupid plays grabass with @ThomsonTO. Fuckwits rush to excuse it | #TOpoli

Well, maybe he was so fucked up he thought he was coaching football or something. Football players do that, don't they?

Ed Keenan and Ivor Tossell have already weighed in on this, so not much to add to their analysis, but I have one question for the "Ford Nation" deadheads rushing to the mayor's support:

You think you'd be able to get away with this shit? Yeah, I know the guy's apparently Teflon-coated, and no matter what the left-wing conspiracy throws at him, he manages to skate, but why don't you try pulling some of his shit? You know -- scream drunken obscenities at women at hockey games, flip the bird at women in traffic, call women "wastes of skin," blow off female integrity commissioners and ombudsmen, or grab their asses in public ... and see if you can walk away without a scratch.

All we can do, really, is hunker down and ride out the next year and a half while trying not to be distracted by the daily embarrassments. What else is there to do?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aw, what the hey. Time to play 'Let's hear from another Sun reader' again!

Yeah, well. I hesitate to direct traffic that way by linking to it, but the screen grab's above.

Rest of it continues in the same vein -- sexism, racism, homophobia, and fat-shaming union members, mixed in with the occasional smirking Jack Layton rub-and-tug reference or equally witty and creative reference to Olivia as "chow-chow."

Ah, the Toronto Sun. Not only spewing hatred, ignorance and belligerent stupidity, but providing a home for it from their toothless, badly-tattooed "readers" as well.

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