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Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Bob Rae's still an unctuous, spineless, weaselly hypocrite? Carry on then

We can't pretend to be surprised at the Harper Regime's appeal to the socon mouth breathers. That's part of their playbook, and we've known that all along.

But when you read that Bob's not going to whip the vote on Wankworth's misogynist merry-go-round (h/t @JeninCanada), the first thing that comes to mind, as the Dawgster points out, is his failure on a similar matter almost 20 years ago.

How shocking, then, that he's found a home in the fetid swamp of the Liberal Party. Who was it said that thing about history, tragedy and farce?

Repurposing my comment at the Dawg's place:
Once again, the Liberal Party of Canada shows its commitment to principle. Is it any coincidence that so many card-carrying LPCers are so active over at the Regressive Rump, and so condescending, dismissive and misogynistic about this?
Any party that welcomes the likes of Wappel, McTeague, Szabo, McKay, and the rest of that sludge pile of day-old bacon grease has no business calling itself progressive. Fuck them, fuck Bob Rae, and fuck the horse he rode out on. Time to put the Liberal Party of Canada out of our misery. 
But that pales in comparison to this, over at DJ:
Let me spell this out for you, Mr. Rae. Peoples’ rights aren’t subject to majority opinion. And, in spite of your assertion that abortion is a matter of conscience, this most definitely is about rights. It’s about the right to what the Supreme Court in its 1988 ruling striking down Canada’s abortion law called security of the person.
There is room for exactly one conscience in the matter, that of the individual woman making a decision about her own pregnancy. Until the Liberal Party of Canada understands that, it doesn’t deserve the support of any Canadian woman.
Only tweak I'd make to that is that it doesn't deserve the support of any Canadian. Period. I'd say it's time to throw the LPC on the ash heap of history, but it looks like it's taking itself there all by its lonesome.

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  1. Rae was the original Barack Obama.

    Spent his entire term of office grovelling and apologizing for his impudence at having won the election, loudly telling disenchanted supporters "We have to govern for everyone, not just for the people who voted for us".

    He was using "Don't compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative" as his motto decades before the Democrats made it their own.

    Went back on his promise to institute a public insurance plan (car insurance, in his case) on the grounds that it would cost jobs in the insurance sector.

    Systematically alienated his base of support pursuing "fiscal responsibility" right in the middle of a severe recession. Constantly ran scared of bond vigilantes. Failed utterly to attract any "centrist" voters in spite of it all.

    I wanted to read his "Three Questions" in the hope it would contain some honest soul-searching on his part, given the disaster he inflicted on Ontario's left. Nope. Standard-issue neoliberal pablum from start to finish. He's learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.