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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey, 'Progressive Bloggers' and Scott Tribe: Are you giant wankers, or just trying to look like it?

From a comment over at DJ:

I've requested the regina mom be removed from so-called ProgBlogs because "I will not be associated with an organization of any sort that believes women's fundamental right to freedom of the person is up for debate." The response? Wait for it! "The organization believes nothing of the sort.. it isnt official Prog Blog policy.. it IS official Prog Blog policy to allow freedom of beliefs and expression on touchy topics like this. The reaction to this is way overblown and over the top. Your request will be honoured when I have the time to do so." So, now our full emancipation as human beings is a "touchy topic!" Fuck that bullshit, I say!

Let's just see how fast they find the time now.

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  1. Watch it, OB. Bitching about the boyos may get your plug pulled.

    I think they like it. ;-)

  2. The shrill are getting shriller, I see.

    I've been away on vacation, and checking in email only remotely. I wasn't going to do anything until I was able to get around to it. Believe me, I wont' keep people on here any longer then I have to. She's off, and I'm not shedding any tears at hers or any others who can't act civilly.

    As well, I see some are unable to even honour the privacy of an email exchange (not that I care - my response is the same in public as in private). That is more telling then anything else.

    1. Hey, Tribe, y'know what? They said that shit about the Famous Five, too. You do know who they were, don't you? In any case, fuck you! Again.

      Oh, and I don't know who you learned Internet and email from, but the woman who taught me told me to never believe that an email message or an Internet post was EVER private. So, guess what? I say, fuck you! Yet again.

      To your definition of progressive, well, guess what? I also say a big FUCK YOU! Finally!

  3. 'Shrill'. 'Nough said.

    Someone should do something like this.

    Oh. Wait. I'm a blogger. Coming soon: '5 signs you're arguing with a misogynist'.

    Quandry: What number to assign 'shrill'? Before or after 'angry'?

  4. Shrill, Scott? Seriously? I get that you're feeling the heat here, but you lost me when you tweeted "I struggle with this issue as a liberal and my religious beliefs. I dont consider it black/white" and referred to the "pro-choice spectrum". It was like a slap in the face.

  5. "Shrill" = the audacity of daring to say that women's rights are NOT negotiable, under ANY circumstances.

    "Civility" = keeping a mealy mouth in your head, even when you KNOW BETTER (or should).

    FWIW, those who warned of the coming Nazi tyranny in Germany were also labelled "shrill" by those who were big on "civility" and "reasoned debate". The rest is history...