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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Same-sex marriage blows up in Harper's face | #cdnpoli #lgbt

Sweet, sweet irony.

Or is it poetic justice?

Don't care, really. Either way, there's a week's worth of schadenfreude watching Harper squirming on this.

Here's a guy who redefines the words "control freak." In fact, I believe I read somewhere on the intertoobz that his picture comes up when you google the expression.

And today, he gets caught looking while some nameless schmuck in the Justice Department argues that same-sex marriages aren't valid for some weaselly reason. With all the money they spend on message control, you'd think one of his spin doctors would have flagged that and kept it from happening. Too many dirty irons in the fire, maybe?

Guess you can only throw so many bones to the socons and fetus fetishists before they start expecting some real meat. A nod and a wink, then a lick and a promise, and then ... oh, shit.

I'll leave the last word to Dan Savage.

(Motherfucker. Heh heh heh.)

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  1. Seriously? Are we THAT arrogant to think that our laws apply to Florida, or to Great Britain? Is the left THAT stupid?

    A Canadian same-sex marriage of no particular legal force outside Canada, and neither is a Canadian heterosexual marriage either! It just so happens that most of the world recognizes most forms of heterosexual marriage, but not same-sex marriage.

    Sorry, but if I went to a place where I could legally marry a 10 year old girl, should the Canadian somehow be forced to recognize that marriage as legally valid?

    In other words, nothing has changed! Nothing.

    If these ladies want a divorce, they don't need anything special, other than to stop living together, because they don't live in Canada - and they happen to live in places where they can't legally marry! Therefore, their marriage is effectively of no legal force in those places - there is NO legal marriage for them where they live! Sorry, that's the way it works!

    Now, if they happen to move to Canada their marriage is fully recognized, and of full legal force. The government even SAYS SO!

    If they want a court to ARBITRATE their separation and impose spousal support, well that's THEIR PROBLEM, and something they should have thought about BEFORE they sought a binding legal agreement which was of no force in their place of residence.

    This is exactly the kind of thing makes the left look completely batshit crazy.

  2. Congratulations to the Globe and Mail for misrepresenting the entire story. This has little to do with anything the Harper government did. It's all about courts and jurisdictions.

    Really, the ball's is more with the provincial governments than with the federal government.

  3. Enjoying the above "squirming" commentary immensely.

  4. "Sorry, but if I went to a place where I could legally marry a 10 year old girl, should the Canadian somehow be forced to recognize that marriage as legally valid?"

    Except we're talking about marriages between consenting adults. Your remark gives away your mindset.

  5. That's ridiculous.

    Here in Canada a marriage to a 10 year old girl is a legal fiction. It's of no force here, because legally an adult cannot marry a 10 year old.

    In Florida, the only option for marriage is to marry someone of the opposite gender. Britain doesn't recognize homosexual "marriage" either. A civil union isn't the same thing. So because both places don't recognize the legal marriage the legal marriage effectively doesn't exist. The couple can easily separate by going their separate ways.

    It's absurd to demand that the government dissolve something that effectively doesn't exist. They could pay a Justice of the Peace, or anybody really, to tear up the marriage certificate, and say, "Presto-change-o, you're divorced-o" and it has the exact same effect as if they just broke up and went their separate ways.

    We should be a little upset that this minor issue might cost us $30,000.00 in damages, but whatever. Keep building the straw man, it worked so well for you before.

  6. Anonymous idiots talking about how Canada isn't forced to recognize marriages from other countries, when the question is will Canada recognize marriages that were legally performed in Canada.

    While they're tripping all over their shit trying to do that, they're also trying to pretend that harper had nothing to do with this.

    He did, assholes. He did stupid assholes. Because he's a homophobic control freak. Shit-heads.