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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh, and while we're busy demonizing the #Occupy movement ... | #classwarfare #cdnpoli

Daily Kos: I See What Occupy Vancouver Did There...And It's Brilliant:

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At the Daily Kos, Ed Murray shines the light of reason on the corporate media's theme-O-the-week:
The media’s latest attempt to undercut the message of Occupy movements all across the globe is by touting the “cost” of these protests. Many sources are reporting that Occupy movements are costing cities hundreds of thousands of dollars in police overtime because apparently it takes an entire precinct to make sure that 50 people don't sleep through the night.

In the piece, he highlights Occupy Vancouver's response: point out the number of meals served to people who would otherwise have gone hungry, the number of beds provided to people who would otherwise have slept on the street, the public-health services offered to people with substance-abuse problems, and so on. As he argues:
These are only a few ways that these protests are actually picking up social and civic services and alleviating taxpayer burden by subsidizing some of the costs associated with running a city.
As someone once said, it's all about controlling the narrative. Is it worth engaging the apparatus of repression and its corporate mouthpieces in terms of dollars and cents? I don't have a quick answer, and given what I was arguing a couple of days ago, my initial response is to avoid talking about it in their terms, but I can't dismiss Murray's argument about adopting a variety of tactics out of hand.


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  1. Amazing that they resort to such bullshit to discredit the movement. And yet they keep cranking praise for the Arab Spring ongoing protests (the ones where they are salivating to intervene in).

  2. The occupy movement has the chance to be damaging for corporate interests.

    Of course they are doing to be demonized and marginalized.

    How else do you expect to the rich and powerful to protect themselves from the unruly poor?