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Friday, December 23, 2011

Fiscal demonization of @OccupyTO continues on CTV | #classwarfare

Like clockwork, the corporate media are swinging into action. Or perhaps like robots.

Either way, the narrative is being reinforced and amplified. Just now on CTV a "news" report is pegging the cost of Occupy at something over $714,000. Police, EMS, landscaping, etc.

Cue the manufactured resentment and the divide-and-conquer rhetoric: dirty fucking hippies taking over a public space, with all the usual triggers:
  • rampant drug use 
  • noise
  • filth
  • street people 
  • nuisance
  • drumming
and the rest of it we can recite in our sleep: hostility, local residents and businesses intimidated by the menacing anarchists, and OMG people are afraid to walk their dogs ...

We all know where the conversation leads, of course: our tax dollars supporting a bunch of parasites, yargle bargle bleghhh.

Just in case the message isn't sufficiently clear, CTV follows that "story" with an item about last-minute shopping. (No shit -- people are still shopping two days before Christmas? Wow. Now there's a story that's never been told before. Someone's really working the imagination.)

And finally, a happy-holiday message from a guy in uniform. Because we have to Support the Troops, after all.

Aren't you forgetting something, CTV? Shouldn't there be a ritual incantation of loyalty to the Dear Leader or something?

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