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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lawrence Martin on Harper's proto-fascism | #cdnpoli

Under this PM, the state is everywhere - The Globe and Mail:

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It doesn't make up for the fact that it still publishes Wente, but every now and then the Globe manages to do something worthwhile.

My only quibble with Martin, other than that he still hasn't appeared on the Tweeter, is that he doesn't quite go where he's obviously heading and use the F word. The propensity for control and domination is staring us right in the face.

Just take a look:

  • Fetishizing the military
  • A publicly funded propaganda machine, amplified by willingly braying transmitters at Stun Media
  • Disdain for democratic accountability
  • Obsessive message control
  • Warrantless citizen surveillance
  • Jails, jails and more jails
  • Demonizing and smearing of opposition
Really, are these the hallmarks of a government that has its citizens' welfare at heart? Haven't we seen this movie before?

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  1. Lawrence Martin has come out with great articles since publishing that eye-opening book, "Harperland". In fact, he has so much material, I think he should come out with a sequel.

  2. Nice summary. It's taken nearly 6 years for the MSM to finally find their integrity and report the truth.

  3. How can 35% of Canadians have their heads so far up their rear

  4. Steve said ... "How can 35% of Canadians have their heads so far up their rear"

    It's the fetal position gone very badly.