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Friday, September 23, 2011

@LornePW keeps the police accountability file up to date

Big tip of the porkpie to Lorne over at Politics and its Discontents.

There are times when the sheer inertia and toxic, paranoid self-pity at the core of dysfunctional cop culture makes you want to just give up. Fortunately, Lorne's got the energy and determination to get past those times.

Three recent posts from him can attest to that:

Which reminds me: why haven't charges been laid against the assholes who:

Why are these lying, dickless, cowardly, sadistic pieces of shit still walking around freely, never mind carrying badges and guns?

Why haven't the so-called "good cops" arrested them yet?

When is the Crown planning to get its thumb out of its ass?

Why should we have any confidence in anything any cop says?

What the fuck are we waiting for? 

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  1. We certainly should not be wasting our time debating their status as heroes and we should not give a rats ass if they feel insulted. Quite frankly, they insult our intelligence and our physical well being.

  2. That aint nothing, dig into this