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Friday, August 12, 2011

Another day, another embarrassing eruption from Mt. Ford | #TOpoli

Honestly, where do you begin?

First, Mayor Stupid's dismissing all the folks who spoke at last month's city hall all-nighter as left-wing, NDP, special-interest types trying to protect their free money. No surprise there, really. It's not as if the guy's got the intellectual wherewithal to comprehend the notion of "community" or anything.

No. In his sad, tiny, resentful worldview, any popular action in defence of the bonds that hold communities together is union-driven, ideological political theatre (although, on reflection, that's probably far too multisyllabic for him).

And then, adding another layer to the shit sundae, dumbass wants to force thousands of city staff to take buyouts or face layoffs because, he's decided, the municipal payroll is bloated. On the basis of what, I'm not exactly sure, because the recent KPMG exercise demonstrated that the city is already a decidedly lean and efficient operation.

Nothing new there, either. It's not as if the guy's shown any capacity for dealing with facts. No, apparently he just knows this because – wait for it – he saw a few city staffers having coffee in the cafeteria! The insolence of these people, being away from their desks and shooting the shit! Why, they might actually learn something from one another and maybe find better ways to do things!

Really, it's easy to mock and ridicule and take shots, but let's not lose sight of the very real danger here. We're in the hands of someone with no capacity for reflection or critical thought. This guy's ready to take an axe to something he clearly doesn't understand, something he approaches from a perspective of little more than shallow ideological hostility. Sure, let's slice municipal government and public institutions to ribbons. It's not like anyone's going to get hurt or anything.

No point in trying to reach him, but how many councillors just vote with him and hope to keep flying below the radar? Time to out some of them, I think.

More to come.

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  1. Targeting councillors is the very strategy that many have embarked on. They are indeed the weak link in the Fords plan to dismantle the city.

  2. Ahh, the cafeteria, that hotbed of communist perversion...

    Once all the municipal staff are gone, he can replace them with good capitalist contractors that charge three times as much and have no particular loyalty to the city's institutions.

  3. Seriously, people in the cafeteria at 10 am and you don't know what they're doing? I think that's called a coffee break...