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Monday, July 18, 2011

SIU Concludes Reopened #G20 Nobody Investigation | #policebrutality

SIU Concludes Reopened G20 Nobody Investigation

... aaaaand, guess what? Can't find any way to charge anyone else.

Who could have foreseen such a thing?

Oh, well. Maybe the Toronto Police will actually come forward and out the other members of Team Curbstomp. Otherwise, the whining they do when witnesses don't step up and their nice words about acting to regain our trust might look ... hypocritical or something.

(Why, yes – as a matter of fact, that was a monkey flying out of my ass. What's your point?)

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  1. The Toronto Police supervisors obviously failed utterly at their jobs by allowing this brutality to happen. Charge them. Maybe they'd see their way to identifying which of their subordinates were the direct culprits if they faced jail themselves.

  2. here's an idea the SIU will never take up: Charge all the officers on duty that day in that area with obstruction of justice for failing to identify the suspected criminals within their own ranks.This notion that police officers have the right to refuse to be interviewed by the SIU is flat our crazy. If I am picked up by the police on suspicion of something, I may have the right not to answer questions, but I don't the right to refuse to be interviewed. That would be obstruction of justice and/or resisting arrest.