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Saturday, June 4, 2011

That 'disrespectful' Brigette sparks the wrath of Ottawa's Villagers

Really, it's just so awkward when the lower orders forget their rightful station in the order of things.

The harrumphing, glaring and disdainful sniffing from the self-appointed members of Ottawa's elite is palpable. The political and media establishment types are getting their noses all out of joint because Brigette DePape showed "disrespect" for the institutions of Parliament.

Once again, the dialogue practically writes itself. The brows furrow, the lips curl, the tone of voice grows cold. There are traditions, after all, that need to be observed. This kind of strident, indecorous acting out of turn just isn't done. Honestly, can't they get good help any more?

You see this kind of thing all the time. An exclusive, insular little crowd of privileged insiders – media, government, administrative, military, institutional – take it upon themselves to decide what kind of behaviour is acceptable, what forms of political expression are permitted, and what ideas are deemed suitable for contemplation by Serious People. Naturally, they're willing to look the other way or make excuses or arrange for special treatment when one of their own steps out of line.

But when one of the Little People embarrasses them or questions their privileges? Vulgar. Unforgivable. Disrespectful. Not of our element. Just shows the lack of breeding.

It must be very hard for the Villagers nowadays. They're used to people doing their bidding and accepting their farts of wisdom without question, enjoying their status and going to their cocktail parties and fancy restaurants, sending their kids to the right schools, and scratching each others' backs without a whole lot of bothersome questions and attention. Moreover, they've been able to enjoy that for years, regardless of whether the government of the day was Liberal or Conservative.

There are a lot of things to fear and despise about the prospect of four years under a Harper majority, but there are things to celebrate as well. Brigette DePape's act of defiance yesterday (couldn't help but notice how the "left-wing" CBC referred to it as a "stunt" this morning) was definitely one of them. Exposing the Villagers for scorn and ridicule is another.

In the words of Auberon Waugh:

There are countless horrible things happening all over the country, and horrible people prospering, but we must never allow them to disturb our equanimity or deflect us from our sacred duty to sabotage and annoy them whenever possible.

Keep up the faith, keep up the fight.

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  1. Why should we respect an institution that allows 24% of the population to bully the other 76%? Good for Bridgette!

  2. Brigette's one simple act has accomplish much,she has inspired many and bolstered the spirits of those who were discouraged by the results of the federal election. But perhaps her greatest accomplishment has been to expose the class divide in this country,graphically displaying for all to see just what those who control the levers of power truly think of we peons.

  3. I really seem to be out of the stream of the progressive blogosphere on this one. I absolutely see why she did it and I sympathize but I'm also thinking about the next time. Suppose it's a progressive government and some hard right social conservative page holding up the standard anti-choice bloody fetus signs?

    I think nobody should lose their free expression rights - but pages explicitly and definitively give up some of those rights when it comes to the requisite non-partisan performance of their duties. She signed up knowing and agreeing to the rules and should have quit first.