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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New poll finds ‘monumental shift’ in public perception of Toronto police because of G20 actions - thestar.com

New poll finds ‘monumental shift’ in public perception of Toronto police because of G20 actions - thestar.com

I might just have to revise my opinion of the Star again. This is clearly adding to the pressure for a public inquiry, although I'm not getting my hopes up given the amount invested in stonewalling and resisting it.

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised to see the emergence of some astroturf group along the lines of Citizens for Police or something in response, amplified by the Sun torquing the shit out of a "grassroots" Cops are Tops campaign. Fuckheads.


  1. Why the hate for the Sun? Joe Warmington, from the very beginning, has been the most consistent and relentless journalist in exposing the lies and crimes of G20 police and calling for a public inquiry.

    They had a few idiotic columns right after the event, but since the facts started to come out their reporting has been informative and non biased.

    Check out the G20 stories today and write up a post articulating what's wrong with their coverage.

  2. I think the Star has been great on this. Kept the pressure up and still is.

    Speaking of inquiry, you coming to the rally at Queen's Park (2-5 pm) today? Feet on street and all that old-fashioned stuff. . .

  3. Anonymous: Duh, maybe it's because the Sun's *usual* consistent position is that of the right-wing cop-hugger? And that they *usually* love it when cops cave leftist heads in because they think Those People just "deserve" it? And that the only reason they're objecting now is because the cops were way too blatant in their stormtrooper role? Just some food for consideration.

  4. I've been reading their police beat coverage since the G20 a year ago and I've found it to reasonable. I think you have "right wing media derangement syndrome" that has prevented you from seeing the paradigm shift in reporting - the National Post has called for an public inquiry. Things have changed; the police don't get a free pass anymore. All the papers are the Toronto Star now.