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Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't live in the Annex ...

... but I'd be willing to part with some serious coin for a lapel button reading "Flippant Annex Secularist."

The money quote from Jason Kenney, in a Star piece from Linda Diebel:

I’ll be honest with you about the extent to which the mentality of today’s Liberal party is characterized by the kind of flippant secularism of the Annex.

This is awesome. Think of the spinoffs! Flippant Queen West Hipster. Flippant Beaches Dog Walker. Send me your entries now.

Here I was, coming over all existentially angsty last night, and Jason Kenney, of all people, has just given me a reason to carry on. Where's the guy with the monkeys? I'm actually grateful to a Conservative cabinet minister.

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  1. flippant downtown condo dweller :) ME

  2. Actually, perceived hostility to religion is one reason the Liberals did so poorly.

    The Conservatives get all the press, but the NDP formed a Faith and Social Justice Commission in 2006. This event actually lead Tarek Fatah, high profile head of a Muslim lobby group, to leave the NDP for the Liberals with Bob Rae.

    So, perhaps this is another area where the NDP is going to eat the Liberals lunch.

    The NDP is explicitly a secular party in its constitution, yet it finds room for those whom faith is important. The Liberals might find it beneficial to do the same.

  3. Glad you're back in fighting shape.