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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Harper's contribution to the energy debate

The disaster in Japan is, even now, putting a spotlight on the question of nuclear power and whether it's a good idea to emphasize it in the planning of energy policy.

I'd like to say something sensible, perhaps suggesting that if we're going to talk about less expensive ways of producing energy, then we also need to find ways to ensure that the costs of production don't fall disproportionately upon people who are already disadvantaged.

And that's a policy objective for any context – local, provincial, federal or international.

And yet ... one can't help thinking about Canada's role in the energy debate without picturing Spiteful Stevie jerking off to 8x10 glossies of the Alberta tar sands, quietly moaning "energy superpower ... energy superpower ... "

(I really am sorry, friends. Sometimes gratuitous snark can have tragic consequences.)


  1. No worries - I enjoyed the snark!

  2. Healthy snark. Too far would be to consider harper's santorum containing tar sand oil.