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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Harper imploding? Let's not start the chicken dance just yet

Well, yes, the early indications are heartening.

Mr. Sinister thinks we're a couple of unscripted questions away from a meltdown.

Harper's pretty clearly pussied out of going one-on-one with Iggy, whatever the democratic merits of that might or might not be.

Scott Feschuk was tweeting about the reporters on Harper's plane christening it "Chicken Wings."

And both the Star and the Post are highlighting Harper's refusal to take more than a handful of questions, or explain why. When you're travelling with a bunch of reporters, you don't want to antagonize them, keep them behind barricades, or insult them, as one conservative senator did with Terry Milewski and Jennifer Ditchburn.

Not signs of a well-run campaign. One really wants to believe that the wheels are coming off, and why not? We've all had the gratifying experience of watching bullies brought low. Karma's sweet that way.

And yet ...

Let's not be counting our chickens before the eggs have hatched, folks. The folks running the Harper Machine have very deep pockets and a direct line to Karl Rove, and just because things haven't gone their way during the last few days isn't a reason to write them off. They've got plenty of slime up their sleeves, and access to a deep pool of expertise.

Moreover, one wonders why it's taken people this long to notice what a pissy control freak Harper is. It's  not as if this just started happening this morning. If it's taken the corporate media five years to get the picture, how hard will it be for the little mini-Roves to shift the focus? And while they're all off clucking about the new shiny thing, Harper gets a new sweater, someone smears Iggy and / or Jack, there's some new drama about the debates and the "consortium," and before you know it, this week's gaffes are ancient history.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a government to defeat. But we've a ways to go yet.


  1. You're right. Too early for the chicken dance. But my stars and garters it's grand to see the MSM grow a pair.

  2. hi OB...nobody is claiming victory yet, let alone doing a chicken dance. And we are still in terrible danger. But if Ignatieff really has narrowed the gap to six points, in the first week of the campaign, it's definitely something worth celebrating. I believe progressives need to do more of that. Five years of the Harper Regime have demoralized many of us, and optimism and laughter are the best way to cure that...

    P.S. I am however doing the Con Dance. "One, two, three. The nasty media is trying to bully me Waaaaaah ;)

  3. Amigo, I don't know what it is but lardass is definitely off his game. His mojo is failing. In previous elections he was always able to transform the issue into a referendum on his opponents. 2008 was his greatest triumph when his own scandal-plagued record was diverted into a popularity poll on Stephan Dion and the Green Shift. Harper didn't even deign to introduce any policy until the final week of that campaign. This time, however, he is finding it much harder to distance himself from his record, to dodge scrutiny and criticism and, worm that he is, he doesn't enjoy the noonday sun. Its always startling to see a once invincible powerhouse exposed as a two-dimensional hoax

    Does Harper have a second Act? I don't know but he's not climbing into that lifeboat gracefully if he does.

  4. Harper has become so egotistical I think he is starting to believe his own lies , this imaginary world He has created reminds me of the novel glass menagerie . How come reporters do not remind this guy of what a fool he is making out of himself. Does He really think that He can pull this off for thirty days and that it will have no consequences for him when voters realize that He is not just contemptous of parliament but also them.

  5. Heh. That title reminded me of Mr.Wolf in Pulp Fiction.

  6. Now we see why Harper and his party are so guarded and secretive. When exposed to the public, they are ungainly, cowardly and prone to gaffes. Nice to see exposed what we already knew.

  7. Wise counsel. However, it's encouraging to see the Prime Minister illustrate the reason for the non-confidence vote, which -- he claims -- was a meaningless exercise.